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Teaching Focus:
Proper focus is the base for training.
Crate Training:
Crate training basics.
Weaning your Dog off of Treats:
Rewards come in various forms. There are other motivators for your pet other than just food.
Why teach your dog tricks?
There is more to life than just work.
Dogs & Your Furniture:
Managing your dog's desire to be on your furniture
Fire Safety & Your Pets:
Safety tips from the Fire Chief.
Speed Eaters—dogs that eat too fast:
How to slow your dog down during mealtime.
Play biting--mouthy dogs:
Giving your dog a time-out:
What to do when your dog needs a time-out.
Canine water safety basics:
How to keep your dog safe around water.
Boating with your dog:
Making boats fun and safe for your pup.
Teaching your dog to swim:
One of the most important elements of canine water safety is actually teaching your dog to swim. Even simply acclimating your dog to the water will be beneficial on that first trip out on the boat or a day on the lake.
Protecting your counters & trash:
Counter surfing ... trash diving ... favorite pasttimes in the world of dog and tops on the list of things every pet owner dreads dealing with. Thankfully, handling these issues are easy and really just a matter of learning how to manage a few elements in your home.
Leashing an Excited dog:
If your dog loves to go for a walk or just absolutely goes crazy with anticipation when they see the leash or harness, this is the segment for you. The key to working with an incredibly excited dog is for you to be calm, composed, and be able to think your way through the process.
Doggie play dates:
Dog play dates are definitely a growing trend in the canine world. Getting your dog out with others can be a great way to get them the much needed exercise and socialization they crave. But what do you need to make the event a successful one? Here are some tips to help make your next doggie play date fun for everyone.
Tips on great dog toys:
In this age of three thousand choices in dog toys, the top questions we still get are, "What should we buy?" and "How do we use them?"
Pet Clean-up:
Even the most well-trained dogs and cats can have a potty accident in the house from time to time. One key to keeping it from becoming a normal incident is to make sure you are treating and cleaning the areas properly.
Potty Training 101:
Whether you are potty training a new puppy or a new to you dog the basics are the same. With consistency and proper timing, you can make the process short and successful.
Outdoor exercise:
A great way to keep your dog happy and healthy is to treat him to regular exercise outdoors. Daily exercise can help relieve boredom, aid in weight loss or weight control, and make for an all-around happier pet. A great romp in the yard is not only good exercise for him, but can help to build and strengthen the human-animal bond you share.
Car Safety Basics:
Most dogs enjoy a car ride and get very excited at the mere mention of one. Here's how to keep it safe for everyone in the car.
Waiting by the Door:
How to train your dog not to charge through a doorway.
Warm weather safety:
Summer can be the best time to enjoy life with pets, but warm weather also presents many dangers for them.
Walking on a loose leash 101:
Walking well with your dog on a leash is one of the most desired behaviors by most pet owners. Learning to walk with a loose leash can make the experience far more enjoyable for both you and your pet.
Managing a walk with the right tools:
One of the first things our clients ask is what tools do I need to help my dog walk nicely on a leash? We understand that there is a period of time between your dog learning to walk with a loose leash and the need to take your dog for a walk right now. We recommend the use of various management tools for this very situation.
Polite greeting—4 on the floor:
One of the most common things we hear from our clients is the phrase "my dog jumps". Sound familiar?
The best way to teach stay is actually to not have to teach it. It sounds contradictory we know, but it will make sense....
How do we get our dog to drop something it already has? The first step in the process is to teach your dog this behavior BEFORE you need it. You will need to make sure this is rock solid as this is a potentially life saving behavior.
"Leave it" is one of behaviors that people never realize how important it is until they need it. The "Leave it" command ranks very high on the list behaviors that could save a dog’s life. Be it a dropped chicken bone in the kitchen or something unsavory you find while out a walk, teaching your dog to leave something or someone alone can keep him out of harm’s way. The question is how do we teach a dog to leave something alone and to ignore it on command?
Grooming Tips:
Grooming doesn't have to be a struggle. In this video Brian Herr shows you how you can help your dog become comfortable around common grooming tools and how to keep them calm during grooming.
Greeting a new Dog:
Knowing how to properly greet an unfamiliar dog is more than an issue of etiquette, it's an issue of safety.
Teaching your dog to Sit:
Does your dog know how to sit? Most people will laugh and say “of course”, but does your dog know how to sit on cue? Since all dogs are capable of a great sit, the key is to get it on cue and in the presence of distractions.
Managing your dog & the 4th of July:
With the 4th of July fast approaching, we often have been asked how to manage a pet with all the fireworks and commotion of the holiday. Some cats and dogs seem to manage the sounds and flashing fine, but for many others the 4th of July is a scary and stressful occasion. Helping your pet navigate through the day can be very simple.
Tips for a happy Halloween with your dog:
It is that time of year again where all the ghosts and goblins come out to play. Are you and your pets ready for Halloween?
Dog-proof your holiday décor:
With the holiday season comes the holiday decorations and we have a few tips to keep your pet safe and your home décor beautiful.


Kitties on the Counter:
Help — I found my cat on the kitchen counter! What do I do?


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